Why Are Views And Likes Important On Your Facebook Posts

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Are you curious about what’s happening with your Facebook posts? You may have noticed that you have a lot of views and likes but only a few comments. Today, we will help you understand why views and likes are important on your Facebook posts. With an understanding of the significance of these statistics on Facebook, you can better monitor what is working for your posts, as well as identify problems so that you can fix them! To truly understand the usefulness of these measurements in your posts, let’s discuss them in detail.

Number of Likes

This is the most important metric that marketers track on Facebook pages. Even if you have nothing else in mind to do with your Facebook page, it is absolutely necessary to pay attention to its number of likes. Why? Because these likes signify what people think about your content and how much interest they have in it. If your posts are not getting enough likes, your page needs to be more funny, interesting, and authentic enough for people.

Number of Shares

The number of shares is the second most important metric that you should pay attention to when you run ads on Facebook. These are the clicks that appear on posts that users have shared and liked so they can read other people’s thoughts on them. If your posts get a lot of shares, it indicates that the content is appealing to people. It will definitely improve your page’s engagement, which is extremely important.

Number of Comments

If you are familiar with Google+, you are probably familiar with the concept of “upvotes.” This is basically the same thing on Facebook, except that there are no upvotes and downvotes on Facebook! This is used less than it is in Google+, though, because Facebook users don’t care about their comments as much as they do about their views or likes. Therefore, this metric tends to take more work to measure.

Best ways to grow Facebook followers organically
  • Post photos and videos

If you want people to interact with your Facebook posts, then post more photos and videos! Photos and videos can grab people’s attention much more easily than text. People are much more likely to comment or share photos and videos with their friends. Also there is an option to buy Facebook views for your videos from genuine platform but that will not be considered as organic method.

  • Post frequently

Posting frequently also increases your page’s engagement. If you want to post more often, ensure that you post each day at a different time. If you post at the same time each day, there is a greater chance that people will ignore your posts because they will expect them to appear on a regular schedule! Instead, try changing your posting times so people may know when you’ll publish your next one!

  • Build an engaged community

Engaged communities provide great value for brands. They are more likely to comment on your posts and help you spread your marketing message! If you need more engagement for your business, try using an iPhone app like Facebook Pages Manager. This is a great tool for real-time posting because it allows you to post from your phone and as often as you want!

  • Use Facebook insights

Facebook insights can provide valuable information about the demographics of people who have interacted with your content. It can help you better understand who is interacting with your page and give you insight into their interests. However, Facebook insights can only be accessed through a paid account, so ensure you have one before taking advantage of this feature!

  • Show up in more places on Facebook

Posting content from your profile is one of many ways to get people to follow your business’s page. You can “like” other posts, comment, share, or reshare the content of others to show up more often on other users’ feeds. This is a great way to increase your page’s following organically.

  • Don’t overdo it

It can be tempting to try to use every technique to get more followers, but remember that you want to make sure your potential customers are manageable! Focus on doing a few things well rather than trying to do everything all at once. 

A business that has been in existence for a long time is one that always takes care of its customers and clients first. This practice is followed by other businesses as well, but only well-established ones can do it with great effectiveness.

What else do you find out from views and likes on your Facebook posts?

Each post has a different set of statistics, but some things are consistent across all of them. When you look at a piece of content, you will first see how many people have viewed it, then how many times it was liked and shared. After that, there will be the total number of comments that were made about it.

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