Understanding the Common Causes of Lung Cancer

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Understanding the Common Causes of Lung Cancer

It is beneficial to understand the environmental factors that may cause lung cancer. People who exhibit symptoms that correlate with lung cancer must visit a pulmonologist in Lahore. The specialist will conduct tests to determine the illness and its severity. Early diagnosis will help the person get better without further complications. The common causes of lung cancer include:

  • Pollution: Exposure to harsh chemicals can cause permanent organ damage. Air pollution is one of the major causes of lung cancer. Individuals who work at chemical factories are at a higher risk of cancer. Additionally, people living in regions where smog affects the environment every year have a higher probability of suffering from respiratory diseases.
  • Secondhand Smoking: Individuals who have friends and family members in a habit of smoking are at a higher risk of suffering from lung cancer. People should try to avoid sitting in smaller places with others smoking. It can affect the functioning of the lungs and may cause permanent damage.
  • Radon; The odorless Gas: When the soil and rock break down, gas is formed, known as radon. It is a colorless and odorless gas. Radon is radioactive and a reason for lung cancer. The gas may seep into the buildings and affect the physical health of the individuals.
  • Asbestos: It is a mineral that was utilized in fireproofing and insulating buildings in the mid-1900s. The use of asbestos was banned as it can cause severe health problems, including cancer. The individuals who live or work in the old building are at a higher risk of developing lung cancer. Therefore, it is essential to know the material which was used in the making of the building to avoid the formation of cancerous cells.
  • Family History: Along with environmental factors, genes can also play a vital role in causing a person to suffer from lung cancer. Individuals with blood relatives suffering from lung cancer are more prone to develop the condition. Therefore, it is essential to consult a specialist for early diagnosis and avoid complications.
  • Excessive Consumption of Alcohol: Individuals who consume more than three glasses of alcohol per day are at a higher risk of developing cells in the lungs. Therefore, it is essential to eradicate the habit of consuming alcohol or limit it to two glasses per week. It will help them function adequately physically and psychologically and avoid heart, lungs, and kidney diseases.
  • Radiation Therapy: Individuals who undergo high radiation therapy to treat cancer in a particular area may suffer from lung or kidney cancer. The complications of radiation therapy may affect the functioning of other vital organs. Therefore, it is essential to talk to the specialist regarding the risks of the therapy treatment.
  • High-Carb Diet: The high carbohydrate diet can cause elevated blood sugar levels and insulin resistance. Both of the conditions correlate with lung cancer. Individuals exhibiting symptoms of high blood pressure and hormonal imbalance must take treatment. Additionally, it is essential to focus on the diet and avoid consuming white bread, pasta, potatoes, and white rice. A balanced diet will help maintain the functioning of the vital organs and avoid complications such as lung cancer.
  • Contracted a virus: Individuals suffering from measles or HIV are more likely to develop cervical and lung cancer. Therefore, it is essential to take precautionary measures to avoid contracting the virus.

Individuals must understand the environmental and other factors that can have an adverse impact on their physical and psychological health. People must take precautionary measures to enhance their overall health. However, if they exhibit symptoms that correlate with lung disease, it is best to consult a pulmonologist in Karachi. The specialist will conduct several related tests to determine the cause of the illness. Early diagnosis and help the treatment be more effective, which will help the patient function adequately

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