The Best Biryani Restaurants in Melbourne, Australia: Welcome Indian Restaurant

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Welcome Indian Restaurant is a new favorite for the best Biryani in Melbourne. They have been serving for many years, and the quality has always been high. Recently, they have shifted their focus from private events to more of a restaurant setting. This article will explore the Restaurant and serve you some recommendations on what to order.

Welcome Indian Restaurant

Welcome Indian Restaurant is a small, family-owned restaurant that serves authentic Indian cuisine. The food is made fresh daily, and the menu offers many vegetarian options. Guests can also order flourless naan to go with their meal.

What is Biryani

It is typically made with basmati rice, meat, and spices. The rice is cooked in layers with the meat and spices before the dish is baked or slow-cooked and then garnished with raisins, onions, and other ingredients.

What to Expect at a Biryani Restaurant?

A typical biryani restaurant will have a specialty dish like “Chicken Biryani”. The dish is made with rice and spices. The rice is mixed together with oil or ghee, raisins, almonds, cashews and other ingredients that vary depending on the region of India. G

An average dish will serve 2-4 people. It’s usually served with a side of naan and yoghurt sauce.

Indian Food in Melbourne

Welcome Indian Restaurant offers a wide range of authentic cuisine from the Indian subcontinent. Their extensive menu includes Biryani, tikka masala, and tandoori chicken dishes. The Restaurant is located close to the CBD in Melbourne, so everyone has the chance to enjoy their excellent food. They also have a takeaway service for those who want to enjoy their food at home.

Biryani in Melbourne, the Newest Indian Restaurant in the West We bring our decades of experience to the west for all to enjoy.

Welcome Indian Restaurant has been awarded the honor of being one of the best restaurants in Melbourne by multiple rating agencies. We are specialized in Indian foods like Biryani, tandoori and many more. All our customers have been happy with us, and we provide the best customer service.


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