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Our company only focuses on job seekers searching for hiring firms and job openings. The idea of helping job seekers was motivated by a strong entrepreneurial drive. After some observations, study, and analysis, we started building the recruitment and placement firm, which focuses on helping promotional products professionals job seekers to achieve their career goals.

For decades, we have noticed how the industry serves job seekers and hiring firms, the best candidate and company to work for.

In 2017, Career Hub was created by our team. This Hub mixes websites of all promotional products industries careers in one place. For sharing our insights and knowledge with the promotional industries, we introduced our popular series of blogs in 2019. By 2020, we introduced promo gigs that allow hiring companies and job seekers to post jobs and resumes for the whole industry to look into it. During this pandemic, we started making efforts to help job seekers or unemployed with job search techniques, resume advice, and interview coaching to help them secure better employment in their career goals.

Today, in the promotional product industry, our management team has boosted over 50 years of the highest level of experience. Just like you, we also have no idea what the future position of the promotional product industry will hold. However, we are 100% dedicated to expanding our business even more and strengthening our ability to serve the industry we love.

Our services:

Using our large industry network, we help our partners observe and identify the best people for their business and hire them. After thorough research on your career goal criteria, we will provide you with certain options of engaged candidates that will help you achieve your career goals.

We contribute to your success and growth by providing you promotional products industry professionals with the highest experience and best backgrounds by continuous job postings.

Our process:

Our process begins with a deep conversation with potential partners. We learn about your needs and your wish to achieve with your new hire. Once we understand your needs, we use our industry connection and a 55,000+ database of candidates to find the top candidates for your position.

We will always find the strongest competitors for every job role position. Every candidate will be presented with the strongest candidates. After presenting, our management team will discuss competency benchmarks, interview strategies, and compensation ranges with your hiring team. Hiring companies will not only get an introduction of the brightest and best candidate. Our management team will guide you in the proven way to get the right and best candidate in your team.


Our team only helps the promotional products employment agency and promotional products industry recruiters to find the best position to work for. We only offer the best candidate to every hiring company. Our management team guides every candidate and prepares them for the interview and hiring processes. We always make sure that our candidates get jobs that match their career goals.

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