How to Make a Travel Video for Your YouTube Channel?

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Are you a travel freak? Is your mind constantly filled with wanderlust? Is your gallery full of snapshots and video clips from beaches, nightclubs, and waterfalls of Goa and the mountains of Manali and Bir Billing? And have you imported all of them into your favorite YouTube video editor, and are you all set to turn your trips into a movie?

Then this article is just for you. We have listed some tips on how you can make a fantastic travel video for YouTube:

  • What is your story?

 If you cannot answer this question, you are not yet ready to create a travel video that blows off on YouTube. You must know what you are trying to depict. For instance, let’s say your video is about a day of your Goa trip through a cinematic eye. Your video can start with you getting out of your bed. You can drop in clips from your parasailing and banana boating experiences. It can finally end at you reaching your hotel at night.

Don’t just insert random travel clips over music; they must fit into a bigger narrative. If there is no continuity in the video, it will consistently rank low on YouTube.

 Understand your equipment.

 You must know how the camera you are working with will impact the footage you get.

Let’s say you are shooting with a GoPro. It is a fantastic travel camera and is also waterproof. So with it, you have the upper hand in telling a unique underwater story that most cameras will not be able to do.

Or maybe you are using a wide-angle lens. You will not be able to tell what is going on in the distance. Even though something is just 20 feet away from you, a wide-angle lens will show it as a speck in the video shot. If you invest in something like a T5i rebel camera, you will be much better off in this regard.

The gist is that knowing your equipment will significantly expand the limits of your creativity with your shots.

  • Astonish your audience with your camera angles.

 That’s right. Now that you have expanded your limits, why don’t you go the extra mile? Make sure that your storytelling is extraordinary.

Most people don’t bother to change camera angles while shooting. They would not even stoop down to take a close-up shot. But if you want your video to stand out on YouTube, your YouTube video editor’s magic will not be enough.

You must be willing to get down on your knees or climb up a nearby tree to get the shot. You must do whatever it takes to make your audience gasp. How on earth did they shoot that!

 Be wise in your music choice.

One of the most crucial success factors of any travel video is the music that sets the mood. What music you use makes all the difference. Your music choice is your power to evoke emotions in your audience, so you must use it wisely to suit your purpose.

For instance, if you are trying to tell the story of a beautiful tropical beach, a hardcore EDM song will not be the best choice. Unless, of course, the clash is your intended effect. For instance, high BPM electronic music will best suit you if your story is high-paced and energetic.

While choosing your music, you must also keep in mind the copyrights. It’s essential to give the artist their due. Many online libraries sell copyright-free stock music as well.

There is no wrong genre of music to use, as long as it fits the scene in the story. Your craft as a YouTube video editor reflects how well your music complements your account.

  • Make your footage dance to your music.

By that, we mean you must synchronize your video clips to the beats of your song.

The song cannot alter, at least not so easily. But you can move your clips around. Pick a piece that has the right mood and tempo. When there is a well-defined beat in the song, it is effortless to cut to it. Whenever you get a powerful percussion or a drop, that is your cue to cut to the following clip. The song’s beats per minute indicate how many pins you should use. For mellow songs, let your clips flow. For fast paces songs, however, change your clips in blinks.

Whatever you do, your video needs to build around the song.

  • Choosing a video editing software

Most content creators hit a bottleneck here. When it comes to choosing the right video editor, the market has many options. From high-end applications like Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Final Cut Pro to simplistic tools like Filmora, each has its specialties. Many online video editing tools, like InVideo, Kizoa etc, are available and have premade templates to make video editing simplistic and straightforward.

Many a time, you will not need all the high-end features to edit your video. You should note what you need to do with your video and choose software that lets you do that with ease.

  • Use effects wisely

Last but not least, do not overdo the effects. Crossfade, the wacky little drizzle effect that brings on the next frame. If you want to rank your travel video on YouTube, these things will resist that. While using your editing software template effects, beware that you may lose the impact you wanted to create.

There is, of course, a possibility that you can master these effects and do it pretty tastefully. However, focusing on shooting better footage instead will yield much more.

We hope this was insightful and helped you learn something new about creating travel videos. Whatever you do, keep filming. Your life is a movie the world must not miss.


Creating travel content of high grade is a matter of time, patience, consistency, and practice. It is crucial to plan the content and story of the video in a sequence manner, experiment with the video footage, and edit it together for the perfect finished product. These tips are a great way to create outstanding videos.

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