All the Surprising Colors of Quartz and Granite Countertops

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If you are designing your new kitchen and think that custom granite or quartz countertops are only available in gray and white, you are in for a surprise. Onslow Stoneworks in Morehead City offers up a huge array of options in colors that you may not have been expecting. These are only a few of the slabs and samples you might find in their gorgeous showroom.

Absolute Black for a Trendy Industrial Finish

Yes, you can go dark and dramatic when you add Absolute Black in granite to your home. Its rich ebony depths feature slight variations in lighter hues that give it life and excitement. Pair it with all-white or polished natural wood cabinetry for an elegant finish.

Blue Pearl Brings the Seaside Inside

Have you ever watched the ocean change colors all through the day? Blue Pearl granite offers up an intriguing base color that always looks a little different based on the time of day and available natural light. Darker streaks of gray and black produce a surface destined for your beachfront home.

Tan Brown Explores the Depths of Rich Rusty Tones

Bring home the luxurious red tones found deep in a forest of pine trees with this unique granite slab. Its rusty base color blends with bold black to create a texture reminiscent of tree bark that takes your rustic farmhouse decor to the next level.

Endless Quartz Countertop Choices with over 400 Available Options

If you don’t see exactly what you want in the display of natural stone slabs, walk over to the quartz section and dive into a huge collection of samples.

Bianco Calacatta for Timeless Elegance

Introduce European styling into your kitchen countertops with this marble look-alike featuring a creamy base color with daring veining in deep gray. Nobody will ever know that it isn’t natural marble.

Symphony Strikes All the Right Notes

Pair your personal taste for neutral tones with Symphony. Its active textured swirls of off-white, gray, and black are itching to show off your white kitchen.

Bamboo Offers Organic Looks in a Durable Surface

Your guests will want to run their hands over this intriguing quartz surface. Flecks of glass are blended with a sandy base to create a countertop that is both unique and perfectly appropriate for a summer beach home.

Pick a Polish to Highlight Your Choice

Not everyone wants a granite countertop that features a high-gloss finish. When you order your custom countertops, you can opt for a polished, honed, matte, or leathered look.

Visit Onslow Stoneworks to Explore the Best Countertops Found in Morehead City

These are only a few of the hundreds of options available at Onslow Stoneworks on Arendell Street. The best way to find the perfect piece of stone to complete your countertop project is to give them a call today to schedule your personal tour of their available slabs and quartz samples.

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