A Perfect Guide For Your Auto-Shipping Experience Made Easier

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If you are planning to move your vehicle anywhere across the US, the first thing that you need to do is to find a good car shipping company. It is quite normal to get worried about your car getting damaged during shipping, so to get peace of mind here is the perfect guide for you.

Auto-shipping companies are very huge as an industry. They have their daily work done, which includes shipping personal items and huge vehicles too. You would be surprised to know that they make ten billion dollars a year and have been in this existence for more than a decade.

Ship A Car Inc. is one of the biggest car transportation companies that works for its customers and their freight. They provide affordable, reliable and tension-free vehicle shipping services and even freight transportation services (whether it is big or small) they will do their job.

What is car shipping?

Car shipping services include moving your car from one place to another with the help of a car carrier. There are mainly two types of auto shipping services like –

  • Open car transport
  • Enclosed car transport

Open car transport means that your car will be transferred with the help of an open carrier. This is a very common one used by many customers, but there are risks involved in this as the car will be more prone to the external environment and damage.

Open car transport is generally faster in delivery and is also cheaper in rates too. This is because with open carriers, there can be more than 10 cars to be delivered together and the vehicle owner will have to pay for just one-way transportation.

Enclosed car transport means that your vehicle will be transported in an enclosed car transport trailer. This is mainly preferred for vehicles like luxury cars, antique cars, exotic cars, muscle cars, classic cars and convertibles. The positive aspect of this enclosed transportation is that your car will be covered from all sides to protect it from any kind of external damage.

An enclosed transportation can carry only a few vehicles at a time and that is why the transportation might take a bit longer and can be quite expensive as compared to open transportation. But it can provide a good amount of protection for your vehicle.

What are the steps to follow?

Once you have identified which shipping options you need, you need to find a good shipping company. Make thorough research on them and get quotes from them. You can check the reviews on the online site and then compare the quotes given by different companies. You also need to check all the shipping details before you make a commitment, especially if there are any hidden amount to be paid and the insurance details. Once done, you can book your shipment.

Once the date is finalized, you need to prepare your car for shipment. Make sure that you remove all the valuable items from the car and check for any current damages. When the day arrives, you need to check all the shipment details if mentioned correctly. You can even track the shipment till it reaches the destination safely.

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