A Guide to Cleaning Your Quick Deep Fryer

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Whether it’s Tempura or French fries, deep frying is the most vital step to get the delicious crispiness. In fact, if your restaurant is popular in the area, one can safely assume that you must be serving really good fries on the side. And to remain famous, keeping your deep frying equipment close by is a necessity.

Since a commercial-grade deep fryer is one of the most crucial daily use pieces of equipment, it requires proper cleaning. How else will you get rid of the sticky oil from its surface?

So keep reading if you want simple steps to clean your essential kitchen gear!

What Are the Cleaning Tools and Gear You Need?

Cleaning isn’t merely a sanitational requirement but also a business need. And with every passing day, customers are becoming more aware of the hygiene practices a restaurant caters to. So, if you want your revenue to soar with happy customers, here’s how to get on board with the cleanliness wagon!

1. Protective Gear

Since you’re dealing with hot surfaces with oil, you have to be extra careful. And to ensure that you are safe, you must wear Nitrile gloves to protect your sensitive skin. Also, don’t forget to use safety glasses to safeguard your eyes from splashes.

Another critical safety tool you mustn’t ignore is a vinyl apron. Even a trickle of hot oil can stick to your body and cause grievous hurt. So to avoid the same, ensure that you wear protective overalls.

2. Sanitizing Tools

As you’re reaching for the inner corners of the deep fryer, you will require a tool with a long handle. For instance, a scrub brush with an elongated hold will be a perfect choice. Additionally, you need a fryer coil brush to clean the lesser accessible area.

Moreover, you will require a dryer valve extension to empty oil from the fryer. On top of this, you must also have a steel pot or stock bowl to collect the used grease.

How Can You Clean Your Fryer?

With all the supplies, now you’re ready to start the cleanliness mission.

Step 1

Begin with switching off the fryer and unplugging it. This step is really important to prevent any accidental spillage or burns.

Now that the fryer is off take a thermometer and check the temperature. And if it is more than 150 degrees Fahrenheit, give it some more time to cool down.

Step 2

As soon as the oil is cold enough, empty it into the stockpot and scoop out the remains on its base. And after entirely cleaning out the oil from the fryer, put it under the sink, fill it with hot water and add soap. Now you can use your brushes to scrub off the stickiness.

Step 3

Once you’re done scrubbing and rinsing with clean water, pour half a cup of white vinegar into the fryer and wipe using a rug. Clean with hot water one more time and dry with a lint-free cloth.

That’s all, folks! You can proudly say that your commercial-grade deep fryer is clean now.

A commercial deep frying appliance is the heart and soul of any kitchen, but without proper sanitization, it can become a hazard creator. That’s why, while beginning with your fryer cleaning, you must never skip the essential steps.

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