5 Best TikTok Marketing Tips To Grab Followers In 15-Seconds

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Did you know? Brands ignored TikTok in the early days because of dance and music videos. But now, every TikTok user considers the platform a trustable marketing option. Can you guess why? It is because every brand on TikTok gets the best marketing results in a short time. So, if you want to grow your followers, then try to buy tiktok followers, where you can boost your profile visibility. Also, you can even look for the best online services to build your TikTok profile. Now, check out the best statistics about TikTok for better inspiration. 

Fun Fact About TikTok: In December 2020, TikTok’s population went up to 638 million users. Next, in 2021, the number of TikTok users increased to 1212 million worldwide. 

Again, returning to the TikTok marketing methods, every big brand tried TikTok to get the best exciting results. So, have your brand landed on TikTok for business marketing now? If your reply is yes, we will explain the best TikTok video marketing ideas to get potential followers. 

1. Make A Branded Hashtag Challenge

A branded hashtag challenge works as the best advertising format on TikTok. Thus, the TikTok hashtag’s challenges go trending, which helps in building your business brand awareness. Also, these branded hashtag challenges show higher engagement rates of about 8.5%, such as likes, comments, and shares. So, start your branded hashtag campaign on TikTok by recording a video with branded hashtags and call users to create content on the topic you have offered. 

Ways To Post TikTok Videos For Branded Hashtags

Did you know how to record a TikTok branded hashtag challenge? First, pick a hashtag challenge for your favorite brand. Next, you can choose niches with self-expression and innovativeness. Further, it’s better to select the relevant niche that doesn’t need more video editing tools. There are a few examples of branded challenge types to choose from in the list below:

  • A simple dance or primary physical activity
  • Lip-syncing or singing
  • Sketching
  • Makeover
  • Remake movie scenes and pictures. 
2. Showcase Your Product 

Try to feature your product on your TikTok instead of just speaking about it if you get a chance. Also, go for showcasing your product in use to help you prove your product’s quality. This TikTok idea is perfect for any brand which markets food or goods like makeup products, fashion apparel, and gadgets. 

How To Feature Your Products On TikTok Videos?

If you plan to grab your potential customers, unleash your products by adding tweaks. There are a few best TikTok video marketing ideas for brands to try now. 

  • Try out a crash test for your products.
  • Make up a few fun factors using metaphors. 
  • Think of an experimental method to use your products. 

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3. Target On Way Of Life Using Your Product

Now and again, you should offer your audience some break from your product. So, instead of posting reviews, and how-to videos, feature your TikTok followers with the lifestyle benefits of using your products. Thus, TikTok’s lifestyle idea is the perfect way for every brand, particularly those offering expensive products will have a long sales funnel. 

How To Record TikTok Videos For Products?

Try to make your TikTok video attractive, where you need not include your product every time. Yet, guarantee your TikTok follower that using your products can build a lifestyle. 

4. Share A Tutorial & Educational TikTok Video

Did you know that TikTok is not only about funny videos? The platform has space for education and tutorials videos. TikTok can be the right platform for university education with how-to, explainer videos, life hacks, and DIYs. 

Ways To Post Your Educational Content On TikTok

Try to focus your TikTok video on informative, but don’t go into too much detail. Remember you got time up to one minute, yet it is better to fit it into 15-seconds. If your video has long content, split it into TikTok video series. 

5. Share Behind The Stage TikTok Videos

Now, it is the best method to let your audience know behind-the-scenes as it helps build your brand trust. On TikTok, the behind-the-scenes is the perfect option for any brand and business. For example, fashion apparel companies can show their textile factory with designers and routines. 

How To Show Your Behind The Scenes TikTok Videos For Marketing? 

First, ensure that everything looks original as if there are no cameras. But don’t go on board with depth detail to dump your audience’s mind. 

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I hope you understood all the facts about TikTok marketing tricks to grab your followers within 15-seconds. Do you think TikTok isn’t right for you? If so, then try the video TikTok marketing method as it can bring 88% ROI, bring you loyal followers and help you generate more sales. If you have any questions below, feel free to comment below. Thanks for reading!!!

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