Select the JungleScout Plan that is ideal for you

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The complete platform Jungle Scout offers all the information and resources you require to launch or grow your Amazon business. It has a number of features that enable you to make wise choices. What is the price of Jungle Scout then? What are the various Jungle Scout pricing options? Let’s have all of these questions answered. It is important to explore more about different jungle scout plans and then choose the best.

Three different payment tiers are available from Jungle Scout, and each one has a 7-day money-back guarantee. Now let’s examine in greater detail each of these Jungle Scout ideas and the benefits you can derive from them.

  • Basic Plan

The cost of the Basic plan is $49 per month for monthly billing and $29 per month for annual billing. As a single-user license, further users are not permitted. However, you receive a good selection of features that can aid with your Amazon entry. Here are some of the benefits of the Basic plan.

  • Suite Plan

The most popular Jungle Scout plan is the Suite Plan, which is ideal for anyone wishing to grow and manage their current Amazon business. It costs $49 per month when paid monthly and $69 per month when paid annually. Additional seats can be added for $459 per year.

  • Professional Plan

The Professional package has the highest Jungle Scout cost. It costs $84 per month when paid annually and $129 per month when paid monthly. The six licenses included in this plan can be upgraded to more for $459/year. This is a very thorough plan that gives you all the information you require to grow your business. Everything from the Suite plan is offered, plus the following.

Product Analysis with Jungle Scout

Conducting market research and analyzing a product’s potential are the initial steps in successfully marketing it. To determine whether a product is in line with your business objectives, you must have the knowledge to assess many pieces of data, which is not an easy task. Jungle Scout can be useful here.

It provides what’s known as an Opportunity Score, where a score is assigned depending on the profitability and marketability of a product. The likelihood that a product will give you good returns increases with the score. In addition, you are given an estimate of the product’s monthly sales. You may have as many as 500 such estimations per month under this plan.

Final thoughts

You may make informed decisions about a product by using high-quality data to assist you gain a more accurate picture of its condition. You can find the relevant details in Jungle Scout’s blueprints. To start, you may look at any product’s one-month historical performance to see how well-liked it is with customers. The terms you desire can also be tracked throughout a month to discover their volume trends.

You can organize and compare up to 20 products per month if you have a certain product in mind so you can choose which options will be more profitable. Other than these, you are allowed three searches every day to identify verified suppliers, high-converting keywords you can add to your listing, high-demand and low-competition keywords, and access to Amazon’s inventory.

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