Side Dishes for Stews and Curries

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The best part of the quickly approaching winter is the best-prepared comfort meal. We can never get enough stews, curries, soups, casseroles, and other substantial cuisines during the winter. Nothing is more enjoyable than having dinner with your family by fire.

The side dishes are far more difficult to make than the main dish. What do you frequently offer with your stews and curries near me? Let us enlighten you if “rice” or “pap” is your response. There is nothing wrong with the standard rice and pap as a side dish, but sometimes you want something different.

Our first suggestion is a classic mielie bread. Even though it is the easiest bread you will ever create, it is incredibly fluffy and sweet. We suggest sticking with a straightforward recipe that simply calls for eggs, canned sweet corn, self-raising flour, and condensed milk. Serve it warm with lots of butter for a supper that will melt in your mouth.

If mielie bread isn’t your thing, any other crusty or crispy bread can be a terrific substitute (although we’re not sure why it wouldn’t be). French loaf and ciabatta are both suitable alternatives. As previously indicated, serve with butter and mop up any sauce with the bread. That is the best part.

Usually, potatoes are included in the main course, but if they aren’t, providing mashed or boiled potatoes will give the meal more substance. Consider creating a sweet potato mash if you want to try something unique. It is scrumptious, filling, and very nutritious.

The more health-conscious individuals among us may not agree with these recommendations of indulgence and carbohydrates. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! A typical side dish with stew is straightforward steamed green beans. You may eat them simply or season them with salt, lemon, and olive oil. You could also serve it with a crisp green salad for some contrast. Adding radishes, almonds, sliced apples or pears, blue cheese or goat cheese to a winter leaf like spinach, rocket, or watercress completes the dish. Even though it appears illogical, give it a try. The mix works so well!

Another thing: you can add certain excellent items too spicy food, such as curry or stew, to lessen the heat and enhance the flavour. They are great compliments to major dishes while not being real side dishes. The first is raita, an ancient best indian restaurant near me recipe with yoghurt, mint, and cucumber. Meals that incorporate rice and meat go incredibly well with it. The other salsa is simple. Add some finely chopped tomato, red or white onion, and coriander after seasoning with salt, pepper, and lemon juice with your stew or curry.

So the next time you make stew or curry this winter, why not be brave and try one of our suggestions? You don’t always have to eat pap or rice!

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